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Chia Seed Rice Cake Gym Edition

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Ambrosia Organic Chia Seed Rice Cake Gym Edition Features

Here are some important features of chia seed rice cakes that you will find helpful – 

  • Chia seed rice cake for gym lovers is a 100% organic product
  • The product does not contain any added preservatives and is completely organic
  • The chia seed rice cakes are completely sugar-free and do not contain gluten too
  • Mr. Asia Suneet Jadhav recommends this product  

Why Should You Buy Ambrosia Organic Chia Seed Rice Cake Gym Edition?

Chia seeds rice cakes (gym edition) are a convenient and healthy snack option for fitness enthusiasts as they offer the following benefits – 

  • Protein-rich components – Chia seed rice cakes are rich in plant-based protein which is important for muscle growth and recovery. They are also a good snack option for gym lovers who wish to increase the protein intake in their diet. 
  • High fiber and low-calorie concentration – Our chia seeds rice cakes contain fiber and a very low-calorie concentration that helps in digestion and help fitness enthusiasts maintain a calorie-controlled diet.
  • Contains organic compounds – The chia seed rice cakes are made from homemade and farm-grown rice meaning they do not contain any added preservatives, sugar or gluten. 

How to Prepare Chia Seed Rice Cakes Gym Edition?

Refer to the back section on the packaging or click here (link to a similar product page) for detailed instructions on how to prepare chia seed rice cakes.

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